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Rising Stars Information Booklet

From catalogues, magazines, recipe books, annual reports, training manuals or instruction guides booklet printing is a popular product. Our booklet printing and binding service offers you the best price and quality options for printed booklets.  We only print booklets using the latest print technologies with top quality inks and papers. Our booklets are always appreciated by our clients and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.


Wire Binding A4 Price List/Catalogue



Wire binding is a popular and affordable choice for binding low volumes of books, including educational resources or company documents.  If you need your book to lie flat or to be opened regularly for reference, we would recommend wire binding.

Aspire Group Saddle Stapled Booklet


This is a great option for your binding needs if your booklet is between 8 & 40 pages.  Involving neither saddles nor stitching it can be a bit confusing but this is the industry jargon for a collection of pages folded in half and secured with 2 staples.

Waitara High School Perfect Bound Year Book


Perfect binding is used on soft cover books.  Normally the cover is made from heavier paper than the internal pages.  When binding the sections are glued together at the spine creating a square spine.  We can also laminate the cover in a matte or gloss finish to give the perfect bound booklet durability and a more professional finish.

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